SEHAUC Member Approved Alternative Reinstatement Materials as of August 2020
This Table includes details of all Approvals notified to SEHAUC as of August 2020. It is possible that additional Approvals are in place but these must be determined from each individual Authority prior to use.
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SEHAUC Regional agreements and good practice as of July 2020
This document identifies key discussions and consensus agreements made by SEHAUC members. They are not usually legally binding (unless stated) and reflect an agreement to clarify processes and minimise confusion. This document will be taken into account when assessing formal and informal disputes raised to the Region. The document is a living document and subject to updates as needed.

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The SEHAUC General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policy
The SEHAUC policy describing what information it holds on members and the use of such data

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S81 Good Practice Guide
This document provides a reference for good practice when dealing with defective apparatus under S81 of NRSWA. This Good Practice document was agreed at the March 2018 SEHAUC meeting.
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SEHAUC materials trial template Requires MS Word Template

SEHAUC Site Risk Assessment Template
A template document designed to help works promoters to develop site specific risk assessments.

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SEHAUC Working Group - Project Status February 2018
Details the projects currently being undertaken by the Working Group, with details of the lead contact for each project.
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Best Practice - Apparatus at an inappropriate depth or position
To highlight and improve understanding regarding apparatus found to be not conforming to the recommended levels (NJUG V1) or at an inappropriate position and to reduce the occurrence of damage to buried apparatus as well the possibility of injury to the operatives, loss of service inconvenience and extra costs.
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SEHAUC Site Safety Assessment Form
At the request of the main SEHAUC membership a universal form has been developed to assist with the inspection of and general assessment of the quality of signing, guarding and safety at street and road works sites. It is intended that this document be used when undertaking joint surveys looking at all works sites. The pdf file is a printable document which can be used on site. The spreadsheet contains formulas and drop down menus to assist in automatically calculating scores
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Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader SEHAUC Site Safety Survey Report (printable .pdf)
Requires MS Excel or compatible program SEHAUC Site Safety Survey Report (spreadsheet)

The Selection, Transportation, Care and Laying of Materials for Reinstatement Works
A best practice guide has been produced by SWHAUC titled “The selection, transportation, care and laying of materials for reinstatement works” This document, contained here, is produced as an A5 booklet with the intention of it being carried by the teams reinstating the Highway as a performance guide.   Thanks go to Hugh Rickard at Wessex Water for making the document available in pdf format.
All comments on this document should be directed to SWHAUC via Lin Melluish  South West Water Streetworks Manager  01392 443573
Requires Adobe Acrobat ReaderThe Selection, Transportation, Care and Laying of Materials for Reinstatement Works

Best Practice - Unsatisfactory Apparatus
This Agreement sets out the guidelines to be adopted by member organisations of SEHAUC for the Identification, Notification and Correction of Undertaker's Unsatisfactory Apparatus and seeks to provide guidance to those officers responsible for identifying and correcting such defective apparatus under Section 81 of New Roads and Street works Act 1991 ( the Act). SEHAUC acknowledges the work undertaken by YHAUC upon which this document is taken.
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Best Practice - Vehicle Crossings
With on-street parking restrictions and the ever-increasing numbers of vehicles on our roads, the numbers of requests from residents for “Vehicle Crossings” is unlikely to decrease. This document is written as a Best Practice Guidance for the avoidance of damage to the highway, any furniture upon it, or any plant above or below the ground and does not alter the need to work to legal requirements and in a safe manner. 
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Best Practice - Traffic Detector Loops
Traffic Detector Loops are placed in the upper layers of the road surface and are essential for the efficient operation of signalised junctions and bus lanes, enabling prioritisation of demand for busy urban routes. They are also installed at various locations for monitoring traffic flows, usually primary network roads, and for other sites for collecting vital data for traffic management schemes. This Good Practice Guide seeks to assist those who will encounter such equipment and direct them in minimising the damage caused to traffic detector loops.
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SMA Guidance
A guidance document from the Department of Transport to assist the hand laying of Stone Mastic Asphalt.
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Codes of Practice
Codes of Practice published under the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991.
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HAUC Code of Practice
This edition of the Code of Practice was prepared by a working party of the Highway Authorities and Utilities Committee (HAUC), and was the subject of extensive consultation with interested organisations.
Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader HAUC Specification for the Reinstatement of Openings in the Highway

Street Works Regulations
Links to the HMSO website where you can access copies of regulations relating to street works. At present this includes:
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Agreed Working Procedures

Admin Reference Item Content Date
SE/72/040 CORING ADVICE NOTE 08/01/13

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At the SEHAUC meeting of 15th March 2002 it was agreed that the Regional Agreements would be renamed SEHAUC Agreed Working Procedures in order to remove any conflict with S100 of the NRSWA prior to publication on the SEHAUC web site.

Purpose of Agreed Working Procedures

To clarify areas of the Codes of Practice and Regulations, in order to achieve a common understanding and practice within the South East Regional HAUC.

To promote South East Agreed Working Procedures to National HAUC for consideration and adoption on a National basis

To maintain and improve the good working arrangement between Highway Authorities and Statutory Undertakers.

Operation of Agreed Working Procedures

SEHAUC Agreed Working Procedures shall not violate existing legislation in respect of Codes of Practice and Regulations.

Highway Authorities and Statutory Undertakers of SEHAUC shall comply with all Agreed Working Procedures.

All SEHAUC Agreements shall be passed to National HAUC via the Regional HAUC Representatives Group.

SEHAUC Agreed Working Procedures shall be reviewed on an annual basis and reaffirmed at the last calendar month meeting each year.

SEHAUC Agreements will be itemised in a document containing agreed decisions. The items will be authenticated by the inclusion of the signature of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of SEHAUC. Decisions will be cross-referenced to the Act, serially numbered and listed.

The documents will be contained in a loose leaf folder. One set is to be issued to each Highway Authority and Statutory Undertaker of SEHAUC. In addition a set will be held by the Chairman with the master set being held by the Secretariat. These sets will all be numbered and controlled.